Thank you for your support.

The Morgantown City Council election is over. We were unsuccessful this time but, we are sure that John Gaddis will remain active in the community. 

The work is not over. Now, more than ever do we need to be more visible and alert as a community. 

Keep Gaddis on Council

What can you do?

  1. First make sure that you are registered to vote. Not only in Morgantown but, where ever you may live.  If you live in West Virginia, make sure you are registered and your information is correct by visiting and click the “Am I Registered?” link under Elections.
  2. Stay informed. Know the issues (better yet, stay ahead of any issues). Read, listen, go to a few meetings.
    Morgantown City council meets the first (7:30pm), third (7:30pm), and last Tuesday (7pm) of the month.
    For other meetings please the Morgantown calendar.
  3. Get involve. Talk to your neighbors.  Please try to attend a few neighborhood meeting, block parties, porch parties, clean-ups, neighborhood plants, etc. Better yet, plan an activity invite your neighbors.
  4. Get to know the candidates.
  5. Know when to vote. 

    1. Schoolhouse Rock


  7. HELP spread the word - VOTE

Thank you, and remember 

Please VOTE